Thoughts on Non Toxic Skin Care

Very nice organic, all natural skin care, and it's even homemade...Unless you’re specifically looking for organic skin care products, it’s possible that some items in your beauty bag might actually contain harmful ingredients. Let’s face it – we can’t rely on huge companies and multinational corporations to always have our best interests in mind. Look at tobacco companies, for example. Now, we like to think that beauty and skincare companies are going to be a bit friendlier to their customers than that, but it’s not always the case, especially if you’re sticking to discount skin care products.

Avoiding Toxic Skin Care Products

Going organic is one way to cut down the risk of being exposed to any kind of toxic chemicals in your skin care, and sticking to higher-quality products is another. Make sure you can easily find a list of ingredients before buying any skin care products, cosmetics or beauty supplies. If the ingredient list is hidden, they’re usually hiding it intentionally. Fact: Products with high quality, safe ingredients are usually proud of their ingredient lists and are eager to show it off and brag about it, so when you can’t find that information it can be a red flag.

Crossing the bridge to all-natural, non-toxic skin care!

Crossing the bridge to all natural, non-toxic skin care products is a great idea.

Tips For Choosing Non Toxic Skin Care

The Huffington Post has a really good article on this topic here, and we’ve taken a few of their suggestions and highlighted them below.

  1. Don’t let packaging fool you. Pretty packaging doesn’t mean the product is any better, and companies making strides to use less packaging and showing that they care about the environment, and are likely also taking steps to have cleaner, less-toxic products too.
  2. Make the switch to mineral make up. Mineral make up has much less chemicals than liquid, even the worst mineral make up is a better choice according to the author.
  3. Resist the urge to buy. If you already have found chemical-free skin care products, don’t get lured over to the cosmetics aisle by sales or promotions, you already have what you need.

Those are some good tips, and you can view the full article for more.

We prefer non toxic skin care, of course!

Final Thoughts On Non Toxic Skin Care

Learn which ingredients you need to avoid, and then always read the labels of your skin care products, just like you would do with food. The ingredients at the top of the list are there in the highest amounts, so make sure they’re good ones. Are you willing to accept a bad ingredient or two if they’re at the bottom of the list on your favorite product? That’s up to you – just be aware of the risks of what you’re putting on your skin!

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