The Different Types of Facial Skin Care Products

We’re covered in skin from our heads to our toes. Touch your scale, now touch your arms and legs, and touch the heels on your feet. Not all skin is the same, so why would you use the exact same product on every part of your body? Some skin is more rigid, some is softer and more sensitive… So it’s important to choose a unique skin care product for different parts of your body. In this article, we’re going to be featuring several types of facial skin care products that you can use at home to tighten, soften, clear up and overall give yourself healthier skin on your face. Creams, masks, and more – let’s get started!

Facial Cleansing: Gently cleansing your face in the morning and at night is a key part of your beautiy routine, not just to look great but also to keep your skin healthy. It helps to get rid of embedded makeup, cellular debris, pollutants, excess oil, and anything else that might be taking a vacation on your face.

Exfoliation: In order to reveal the vibrant skin just below the surface, you’ve got to exfoliate your skin on a cellular level to reveal the treasures beneath. This will also increase the effectiveness of the next steps we’re going to be looking at. This doesn’t need to be done often, perhaps once per week for best results.

It’s In The Eyes: The skin around our eyes are constantly moving and folding for us, yet it produces less oil than any other part of our face. To keep the skin around the eyes from aging more quickly, use an eye cream. Don’t put it directly in your eyes! Just on the skin around your eyes.

Special Serums: Facial serums exist for numerous needs. Whether it’s controlling the pH balance, brightening your skin, firming skin that’s starting to get loose or simply adding that youthful radiance, skincare serums can help. It’s important to pick the right one.

Hydrating: Keeping the skin in your face hydrated is very important! Some creams are meant to be used in the day time whereas others are meant to be applied before bed at night – make sure you don’t get them mixed up, for optimal results!

Protection: Finally, you’ll want to protect your skin. Sunlight, indoor heating, pollution, extreme climates both hot and cold, and even stress can make you look older than you actually are. Protecting your face  from these harsh conditions, and doing your best to avoid stress (Relaxing and applying skin care products is a good start…) can make a huge difference.

We want to know what YOUR daily skin care routine involves. You don’t have to be an expert, in fact if you enter our contest by sharing your routine you can even win the chance to have your routine evaluated by an expert who will make suggestions based on your unique needs and goals. Facial skin care should be fun, not something to stress about! Take a look at the resources section at the bottom of this article for more…


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