Skin Care Treatments and You

Who hasn’t gazed longingly at the flawless skin of a model or a movie star only to wonder how much money it must take to look like that? Consider what models, movie stars and dermatologists round the globe have learned regarding healthy and affordable skin care treatments.  It’s true that healthy skin is the foundation of beauty and confidence and with today’s numerous options for affordable skin care treatments you can face the world with that glowing skin that everyone dreams about.

Normal, Oily or Dry?

For years, people have searched for answers for those nagging skin issues, from eczema to wrinkles. There have come countless numbers of companies claiming to have the secret. We’ve been taught to determine our particular skin care type – normal, oily or dry, and cosmetic counters are waiting to sell you a product for your individual type. The truth of the matter is, there are some great products available and having better skin is possible but before you run out and buy the latest miracle cure remember that healthy skin care treatments all start with the basics and so should you.

Hydrate From the Inside…

Keeping your skin properly hydrated is the first step to healthy skin care. Drinking plenty of water insures your skin gets enough moisture for the growth and healing of new cells. Specialists claim you should drink 32 ounces of water a day for optimal health. Any that you drink over that amount is a bonus for you and your skin!  So keep those glasses filled and drink to healthier skin.

..And from the outside!

Regardless of what skin care treatment you decide to try, remember one thing all treatments have in common is a good moisturizer. Your choice of moisturizer need not be an expensive brand, even today’s discount stores have affordable and effective brands of moisturizers that clearly work. Moisturizers aren’t just for the more mature women anymore. Skin care specialists have discovered that from the time a young lady hits puberty, her skin needs more moisture. It’s a good idea to introduce moisturizer at the same time as makeup so young women get accustomed to the idea that it’s as necessary a step in their beauty routine as mascara or lipstick.

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