Our Favorite Skin Care Blogs

Skin care bloggerNot all blogs are created equal. Some bloggers really know their stuff, whereas others are just trying to promote products and sell advertising space. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite skin care blogs so you can spend your time reading only the best of the best. If you happen to own one of these blogs that we have featured, don’t be shy to get in touch – we would love to ask you a few questions about your blog and feature that here as well!

Caroline Hirons’ Blog


Caroline Hirons really knows what she is talking about. The beautiful industry has been a part of her family for generations, and it shows. She’s an expert on dozens of brands, and updates her blog on a regular basis to share his knowledge and wisdom with anyone who will take the time to listen. Take the time to listen! But be careful, it’s easy to get swept up while browsing through her vast collection of posts, so make sure you set aside enough time to really dig deep and you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two (or 100!) that you didn’t know before.

The Truth About Beauty


Beauty and brains, this blog provides interesting insights on many topics along with honest reviews. Have you ever noticed that some review sites seem to give excellent reviews to absolutely every product they look at? That’s kind of a red flag, and you won’t find it here.

A Model Recommends


You don’t have to be a fashion insider to hear what this model recommends. Check out this site to get excellent recommendations right from a model, who gets more first hand experience with beauty, cosmetics and skin care in a week than most people will gather in their lifetimes.

Lady Of The Lane


Another excellent blog that’s updated on a regular basis. You’ll find reviews, tips and secrets not just about skin care but about beauty in general.


Did We Miss Any Skin Care Blogs?

If you know of any skin care blogs we should be featuring on this page, don’t be shy to let us know! You can leave a comment below with a link and we’ll take a look and see if we deem it worthy of inclusion. You can also visit our skincare blog..

(Please note: We are NOT selling placements on this page. We have been contacted by several people offering money in exchange for a listing on this page, but we feel that would compromise the integrity of this collection of skin care blogs so we want to make it absolutely clear that placements on this page  ARE NOT and WILL NEVER be for sale.)

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