Organic Skin Care Products

Organic Skincare

Who doesn’t love organic skincare products? We haven’t found them yet…

As recently as a few years ago, organic products were limited to one aisle in the back of the grocery store. Today however, claims of organic products are creeping up everywhere and the skin care aisle is no exception. While organic skin care products usually cost a little more than their non-organic cousins did, the list of available products is growing by leaps and bounds. Most organic skin care products are gentle on the skin, will not aggravate acne or other common skin issues, don’t clog pores and many are fragrance and dye free.


 Be Informed!

While just the phrase “organic skin care products” may be enough to make the most determined shopper run for their life, it’s not that complex of a recipe to understand. For something to be called organic simply means it has to be produced in an intentional manner, without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides and typically the packaging must also be environmentally-friendly. Even so, organic skin care products are relatively new and effective industry guidelines are still being drafted. To date, as long as a product contains even just 1% of any organically produced ingredient, it can be called ‘organic’. So what does this mean to the ‘green’ consumer? Read your labels and brand mission statements carefully. If necessary, call their home-office and ask for more info. A legitimate company will be happy to provide you with any information you ask for!

Reliable organic skin care Producers.

While the market may be saturated with buckets of organic skin care products there are a few companies that genuinely seem to be legit with their claims of chemical-free, green products. Sadly, none of these are US companies and most are more expensive than most of us are willing or able to spend. Never the less, here is the list of our favorite green companies:

Pai Skincare – They make Vegan-friendly creams, cleansers and lotions, all meeting the highest organic standards.

MV Organic – They sell an expensive, high-quality product that includes a great smelling, cleansing cream and moisturizer. Worth the splurge if you can swing it!

Sophyto,- Another Vegan-friendly company, which claims to use no artificial colors, scents or waxy additives.  Products are priced fairly and yet are highly effective and satisfying to use.

Botanics Organic – Prices are very reasonable and products are decently reliable. Package label has lots of useful information regarding ingredients and organic claims.

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