How To Take Care of Skin In 3 Easy Steps

People like lists, especially simple lists with only 3 steps, so we put together this list to help you see skin care in a new light. You can take care of your skin just by following these 3 simple steps. Sure, if you want to get really technical, there might be a little bit more to it, but let’s keep things simple for now because that’s the best way to start. A solid foundation is the key to building anything, from a home to a healthy face, which leads us to step 1…

1.       Start With A Blank Canvas

The first step of skin care is to start with a strong foundation, which actually means the opposite of what laying a foundation typically means. The foundation to great skin care is to keep things clean, so start by cleaning off your skin. Remove any old excess make up from your face, use a good scrubber to clean any microscopic dirt particles and dead skin from the rest of your body, and you’re well on your way. Think of it more like creating a blank canvas…

2.       Planning Things Out

You’ll want to do some research and choose which skin care products are right for you. Do you care about using organic skin care? If natural skin care isn’t very important to you, you may still want to avoid using too many harmful chemicals that are often found in cheap discount skin care (And also sometimes in expensive skin care, don’t let prices fool you too much.) The best way to avoid all that junk, and to keep things simple, and to have total control over your routine is to use home made skin care products. Remember, everybody’s skin is different and no two people need exactly the same routine. Start with a clear canvas, then choose products that do what you’re looking for.

3.       Sticking To It

Once you have chosen a good set of products for your skin type and to meet your needs, stick to your routine! Save time in the morning to exfoliate once or twice a week, give yourself time to always do a great rinse and cleanse, and don’t forget to use the proper creams, especially around your eyes. Did you know that the skin around our eyes produces less oil than the rest of the face, yet it needs the most moisture because we’re blinking so often. Properly hydrated eyes can slow down the onset of wrinkles. That’s really all these is to it!



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