Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Treatments

Dermatologist approved skin careGather three dermatologists in a room and you’ll likely get three very different answers to our question of the day “What skin care treatments would a dermatologist recommend? While brand preferences may vary, and they do, there are a few noteworthy points to which skin care experts all seem to agree.

Healthy Skin Needs Feeding

sunflowers-talProducts that contain antioxidants and vitamins provide healthy nutrients for optimal skin care. Look for items that list ingredients such as the antioxidant retinol in the active ingredients, additionally, products containing collagen, peptides or amino acids are also good choices when it comes to dermatologist recommended skin care options. Though the scientific names may sound dangerous or harsh, the ingredients listed above are some of the healthiest skin care treatment products that doctors recommend.

Do Facial Scrubs Work?

Facial scrubs consistently get a thumbs up in the list of dermatologist recommended skin care treatments. As long as your cleanser is very mild, you don’t scrub too hard, or use it too often, scrubs or exfoliation masks can be beneficial. Just keep in mind they can be somewhat unpredictable in cleansing of dead skin cells and have been known to cause unnecessary irritation and redness, especially to skin that may already be stressed, Gentler is always better, is the general consensus when it comes to facial cleansers. Always start with a small amount, to test your skin’s reaction.

Serious Skin Care Options

Natural-looked skin care If you are considering more serious skin care treatments and are wondering what dermatologists recommend, read on. Again, brand and price may vary but doctors seem to agree with the basic facts. For deep cleansing needs consider using a sonic skin brush. These items, similar to an electric toothbrush, use ultrasonic technology to deep cleanse pores using vibrations. In addition, for deep cleaning and improved skin texture, products containing glycolic and/or kojic acid are a good choice. Again use this type of product only once a week, always be gentle to your skin and always start with a small amount until you see just how your skin will react.

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