Best Skin Care Products – Just for Men

Once upon a time, a man’s bathroom routine consisted of three basic steps – washing, shaving, brushing, and that was about it. Today however, men are letting it be known that they too want healthy looking skin and the experts are listening. Nearly every skin care counter has an area with products specially made for male skin care needs.

Cleaner is Better

While shaving off that daily morning stubble may not be on your favs list, it’s still a necessary evil for most men at some point in their lives. One of the splurges you might consider for your skin care routine, should be a good razor and good shaving cream or gel. If you have to do it every day, might as well make it an enjoyable experience.  Just make sure before your take a razor to that handsome face that first you cleanse it. There are many effective and gentle facial cleansers and scrubs for men. Use one of these prior to shaving to smooth away dead skin cells and flakes.  Look for products specially made for treating the bumps and irritation caused by shaving.   A good shave cream or gel should lubricate without clogging your pores and protect your skin for an extra close shave.

 Moisturizer – Not just for Her

Minimizing wrinkles and other signs of skin damage and aging, is big business with today’s aging baby-boomer generation, and not just for her. Today there are numerous brands of moisturizers made with men in mind. When choosing a moisturizer for your own list of men’s best skin care products, look for those with antioxidants, and vitamins. Your skin needs nutrients just like every other part of your body. Moisturizers don’t just keep your skin hydrated, but should also contain enough of the good stuff, to provide just the right food for your skin care concerns.

The Short List – Best Products for Men’s Skin Care

We have given you the most important products that should be in the lineup of Best Men’s Skin Care Products. Now incase you were wondering here are the items that made the skin care short list, in no certain order: a good, unscented lip balm, a gentle exfoliating scrub, waterproof sun block, eye firming cream for those saggy under-the-eye bags, and on the very short list a tube of  blemish or scar concealer made just for men .

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