All About Skin Care for Men

Although men traditionally spend less time in front of a mirror than women do, it’s believed that they spend even more time causing damages to their skin through outdoor activities like work and sports.  But men everywhere admit that having healthy skin is important to them. Since men have a very different skin care style than their female counterparts, let’s streamline the process and talk about basic, easy skin care treatments just for men.

Show Your (SPF) Strength

He loves football, baseball, or golf. He lives for the weekends when he works hard, plays hard, and spends all the time he can outdoors, and one look at his skin and you can tell he also doesn’t take time to wear sun block. The damaging UV rays of the sun as we now know speed up the aging process (causing wrinkles, age-spots and discolorations), as well as cancer.  If these are not good reasons to wear sun block, we don’t know what are! For a small investment, men can add sun block to their skin care routine each morning and know for sure, it is a worthwhile investment!

Just Say no to Razor Burn

Shaving is one of those love/ hate acts that men discover and quickly learn to hate. You love shaving because it gives you that smooth, complexion so touchable and soft. The razor actually removes those dead skin cells that tend to build up. However, a healthy chapter in a skin care regime for men will warn you that shaving may be one of the harshest things men can do to their sensitive side. Most of those damages however, are easy to stop. First things first, to ease the pain of shaving don’t use a dull blade. Ever. In fact, go ahead and invest in those more expensive blades, its one area of investment that will always have a winning return. Also, make sure you use a sufficient amount of shave cream or gel. Using too little is as bad as using none at all. Wet your face with warm water immediately before your shave and shave while your face is still damp. Pass on the old “after-shave “or face splashing cologne. These usually contain a large (and irritating) amount of alcohol.  Today you can find a gentle after shave moisturizer to soothe irritation and redness.

Skin Care Is Not Just For Women

Healthy, glowing skin is not just for women anymore. Now it is easy as ever for men to have their own healthy skin care routine. With a complete offering of manly skin care products there’s no reason why men can’t grow to love their own style of moisturizers, eye creams, acne treatments and cleansers.

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