A Look At Various Skin Care Careers

Skincare Career IdeasRecently, a young lady asked me what types of jobs deal with skin care, cosmetics, beauty products and the like. I had a few answers for her off the top of my head, and I spent some time later that evening coming up with some more ideas and suggestions. I decided to put that all together and make a post here on HowToMakeSkinCare.com that would highlight those ideas. Kids love makeup, playing dress up, feeling like princesses.. and sometimes that passion can grow into a career.


Makeup Artists: Every TV station, modelling company, film set, photography company and beauty salon employs makeup artists. There are courses and certifications to pursuit depending on where you live, but having a solid “foundation” (Sorry for the pun) is always a good idea regardless.

Special Effects Makeup: Maybe simple makeup isn’t your cup of tea, and you would rather take it to the next level? Special effects makeup is a specialty skill that is great for people who are artistically-included and have big imaginations. When you watch a movie where an actor is playing someone twice their age, it’s special effects makeup at work. Aliens? Monsters? That’s special effects makeup too.

Skin Care Specialist: Skin care companies along with retailers and department stores like to have people around who really know their stuff. Becoming an expert in

Scientists: The best skin care companies will either have their own researchers and scientists, or hire outside companies to do that for them. This is less about style and more about function. Imagine coming up with the next big breakthrough in skincare!

Entrepreneurs:  Ever wanted to own your own business? Why not a skin care company? When you have the proper guidance, it’s easier than you might think! Check out SkinCareTycoon.com to learn more.

Sales Representative: Do you enjoy sales and marketing? Being a representative for a skin care company can be a very rewarding career that lets you meet a lot of interesting people. Be wary of any companies that want you to buy their products upfront, typically multi-level marketing firms, because that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about legitimate companies that are hiring actual staff – not trying to convince people to buy their products upfront then try to sign up their friends as sales reps. Legitimate skincare companies need people in sales and marketing to convince stores to carry their products, to put up displays and kiosks to demo products, and more.


Did I Miss Anything?

If you know of any other skin care careers that are out there, please leave a comment below and let me know! I want this list to be very extensive and helpful for people that want to pursuit careers dealing with skin care but aren’t exactly sure where or how to get started. If anyone out there has first hand experiences, please don’t be shy to write a comment and share them with our readers!

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